Friday, April 14, 2023

Usher Hari Raya with Free Delivery and Discounts Up to 50% off

Happy Ramadhan guys?

How was your Ramadhan so far

Order your favourite Ramadhan and Hari Raya dishes with ease as ShopeeFood brings you a variety of special dishes for you and the family. With great discounts and free delivery throughout the Ramadan-Raya season, you can focus your efforts on preparing for the rest of the celebrations without worrying about what-to-eat. Get started right here with some unique offers from our awesome ShopeeFood merchants:

 ● TEXAS CHICKEN’s Ayam 8Lada Promo - Indulge in an explosive combination of 8 powerful peppers that is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and deliver an extraordinary spicy sensation! 

● KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS’ Ole-Ole Raya Package - Satisfy your cravings with the creamy and buttery sauces of Kenny Rogers Roasters Buttermilk Pedas, infused with a tantalizing hint of spiciness that is sure to leave you hooked. 

● CHATIME’s Ramadhan Golden Fresh Mango Series - Start your iftar on a refreshing note with Chatime’s Golden Fresh Mango series featuring Sakur pearls and sago that surely satisfy your thirst. 

● MARRY BROWN’s Riang Ramadan Raya Special - Spice up your appetite with a burst of aromatic local spices in every bite of Marrybrown’s Riang Ramadan Special. 

● A&W’s Jom Buka Meal - Experience the ultimate flavor explosion with A&W’s new go-to menu, perfectly crispy and coated with spicy Daebak sauce. If you love a little heat, this is the perfect choice for you. Come and enjoy the K-Pop of flavors at A&W! 

That’s not all as ShopeeFood brings you Mid Month Sales with ONE-day only discounts:Link

We also got you covered for Hari Raya. Check out these Raya friendly brands to provide youwith better convenience:

● EDEN SATAY PANTAI DALAM’s Satay -Savor the delightful blend of distinct flavors thatmerge to form a delectable and gratifying sensation, infused with aromatic species,char-grilled meat, and peanut sauce.

● PAK ALI NASI LEMAK DAU PISANG’s Rendang - Indulge in the intense and intricateflavor profile of rendang, as the beef or chicken is slow-cooked to perfection, absorbing all the aromatic spices and herbs. The result is a deeply satisfying and flavorful dish thatis sure to please even the most refined taste.

● SEDAP MALAM SATION’s Asam Pedas - Asam pedas offers a distinctive and intricateflavor profile with a blend of sour, spicy, and savory flavors, coupled with a fragrant andearthy aroma that will leave a lasting impression.

● ALI, MUTHU & AH HOCK’S Lontong - If you’re in the mood for traditional dishes, lookno further than lontong! This simple but satisfying dish is enjoyed throughout the region,with its mild and comforting flavor and soft, chewy texture making it a popular comfortfood to many.

● LEMANG PANAS’ Lemang - Lemang is cooked in a bamboo tube, the combination ofglutinous rice and coconut milk to create a flavorful and visually impressive dish that issure to impress.-

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