Saturday, December 26, 2015

Officially twenty one years old!

How old am I. Age is just a number, age cant determine how matured you are.

Assalamualaikum. Hai.

18 December 1994 1.03PM Pulau Langkawi.

To be serious I cant accept the fact I am 21 years old, sobs.
The older I am the childish I become ahaa.
makin meningkat umur ni rasa macam makin banyak tanggungjawab,adik adik pun makin jauh dah tak boleh gaduh gaduh, marah-marah.
makin manja la melekat ngn ibu ayah, yela anak sulong je yg selalu nak dok dekat ngn ibu ayah.
anak sulong jugak la yg adik adik cari time susah.
makin banyak tanggungjawab kadang-kadang rasa tak kuat je nak tanggung tapi bila tngk ibu ayah terus kena kuat jugak. hm

After 21 years in the world I learnt how pain heartbroken is.
how it feels.
how to cure the pains, ahahaha.
but doesnt matter it makes me stronger than before.
I learnt everything from A to Z, it changed me from nothing to something haa.
I learnt how to appreciate people.
I learnt be patience a lots.
how to smile in pain a lots.
how to stand alone after fallen. hm
thankyou for this.

I also learnt how to stand on my own feet, dont ever trust people easily.
do good and it will return back.

Alhamdulilah for this 21 years old.
Im trying to upgrading myself, my attitude, my imaan, hm everything.
oh not forget Im more girlish now ahahaha oh my god!

I want fulfill ibu ayah dreams, oh I dont have dreams. their dreams is mine. hm
my big WHY is ibu ayah. thats it. 

thankyou ibu ayah. i love you to the moon and back

walaupun umur 21, jangan harap atyn akan nampak dua puluh satu, perangai makin mengada ada la. hahaha. girlish sikit kot rasanyaaa. 

ni FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING, tuuu hahahahha. omg this is not me. this is my clone. kbye.
2016 I am 22. I am okay :D 
oh ya sepanjang 21 tahun ni  tak pernah kena prank tepung tu lagi. minta jauh. hehehe

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